French language and culture in lille

French language and culture in lille culturally worthy

To assure a effective, fully immersive experience for Villanova students spending a semester to some year at la Catho, this program offers one course, needed for those students within the program, whose explicit purpose is to assist them to better understand, and remember, their new living atmosphere. Students will get a Villanova letter grade with this course, that will change up the VU GPA.

The 3-credit Villanova course, trained entirely in French, includes the next components and needs:

  • an every week seminar on intercultural communication, whose content will build upon, and make preparations students for, another aspects of the program
  • Five interdisciplinary cultural workshops on Lille and northern France organized thematically (summary of Lille’s background and its cityscape, Lille and also the textile industry, coal mining in northern France, gastronomy, and art and culture)
  • Five cultural excursions directly linked to each seminar (correspondingly : a led tour of Lille’s center city, Vieux Lille, and Euralille a trip of Roubaix and also the Piscine de Roubaix a trip from the Center Historique Minier de Lewarde along with a visit from the Palais plusieurs Beaux-Arts de Lille)
  • An every week, 1-hour conversation having a French student
  • Participation inside a regular activity relating to the Lille community. The plethora of activities can be quite broad, including sports clubs, volunteering projects, weekly cooking training, danse training, book clubs, theatre groups, etc)
  • One student-organized visit to a French city apart from Lille or Paris. Each student will give you an in depth itinirary towards the instructor, who’ll assist the student refine it before validating it. To make the trip a culturally worthy experience, students won’t be allowed for traveling other native British loudspeakers, and they’ll preferably travel having a French person of the acquaintance, that they’ll exclusively speak French.

Seminar on Intercultural Communication

Working Across Cultures: Introducing Aspects of Intercultural Communication

The intercultural communication module is made to permit the students to set up place a person intercultural development plan according to their individual IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory) profile. The goal of this is to permit the scholars to mirror about how better to use time in France and also the activities suggested through the program to build up their intercultural communication competence. Another IDI in the finish from the program once the students have came back towards the USA allows all of the participants (the scholars, faculty and managers) to judge how effective this program has been around growing the intercultural sensitivity from the participants.

The very first IDI is going to be conducted via email prior to the students get to France. This is adopted up by a person debrief throughout the pre-rentrée intensive French session where students is going to be asked to plot their individual intercultural development plan.

Classes is going to be designed in line with the concept that the easiest method to help students develop intercultural sensitivity and competence is as simple as helping these to think about their encounters because they occur. What this means is getting a “just in time” as opposed to a “just in case” approach.

Students is going to be asked to make use of the strategy of ethnography and reflexivity to know and evaluate their experience. An adaptation from the PEER model is going to be suggested towards the students like a framework to make use of within their interactions with other people, specifically for the preparation of the weekend trip. The PEER model involves students Preparing, Engaging, Evaluating and Reflecting on their own interactions with cultural others.

Here are comments and links towards the 5 interdisciplinary cultural workshops and excursions on Lille and northern France.

Seminar #1 Art & culture in Lille

This seminar includes:

. a led tour of Lille City Center, Vieux Lille, Euralille

. a trip from the Palais plusieurs Beaux-Arts–429-gb.html–51-gb.html–53-gb.html–83-gb.html

Connect to Palais plusieurs Beaux-Arts :

French language and culture in lille The very first IDI

Seminar #2 Good reputation for Lille and also the North

This seminar includes :

. A training course around the Good reputation for Lille and also the North and also the reference to First World War.

. A trip of Tyne Cot Graveyard, the greatest British graveyard around the European Continent

. A trip of Ypres in Belgium and In Flanders Fields Museum (good reputation for First World War in Flanders)

. An evening meal at restaurant Makt 22 on Ypres Grand’Place

. The “Last Post” Military Ceremony during the night

Seminar #3 The commercial revolution + visit from the Center Historique Minier de Lewarde

This seminar includes :

. An exhibition from the industrial revolution in northern France

. A trip from the Center Historique Minier de Lewarde (coal Mine)

. A debate around the video of Germinal, a movie inspired from Emile Zola’s novel

Seminar #4 L’ensemble des Châteaux de l’Industrie : how former factories were switched into fashion centers and art museums

This seminar includes :

. a training course of the subject

. a trip of La Piscine de Roubaix : an old pool switched into a skill museum

Seminar #5 In France They Gastronomy

This seminar includes

. a training course at ISA Engineer school

. a trip in our sensorial analysis laboratory

. a tasting session of sweet and savory products

. a trip in our student brewery

. an evening meal inside a French restaurant in Lille city center


Super Easy French 1 – (for absolute beginners)


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