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A girl is using the new Microsoft Band and music controls at the gym

Today, we’re excited to announce several additional features solely for that new Microsoft Band – features customers happen to be requesting, and we’re proud to provide on – including all-audio controls, activity reminders, as well as an improved that has been enhanced Exercise Tile. Keep the rhythm this holidays using the new Microsoft Band: your ‘coach,’ your fitness wearable and partner for remaining on the top from it all.

All-audio controls

Place your phone away and take control of your music from your brand-new Microsoft Band. The entire-color touchscreen displays the song title and enables you to stop and play, skip forward and back, and switch the amount up and lower. You’ll discover the perfect tunes to help you get within the holiday spirit this month with this new partner Spotify, but any music application you utilize in your phone connects for your new Microsoft Band through Bluetooth. Make use of your new Microsoft Band’s music controls whenever, whether you’re exercising or awaiting public transit.

New Microsoft Band with music controls

Stay active with notifications that help remind you to obtain up and move

Become more active during your day. Your brand-new Microsoft Band are now able to help remind you to obtain up and move when you have been still for too lengthy. You select time times and also the days you need to be advised. You may also set some time whenever you shouldn’t receive reminders, like when you are sleeping or driving.

The new Microsoft Band with activity reminder

Choose your preferred exercise if you use the Exercise Tile

Now, it’s simpler to trace your duration, calorie burn, and heartbeat for the favorite exercises if you use the Exercise Tile. Select popular options, like yoga or weightlifting, or name your personal. Whenever you take a look at exercise sessions within the Microsoft Health application or Web Dashboard, your summaries and observations is going to be grouped by exercise type for much better insights to your performance.

Find out about additional features on Microsoft Band using the ‘What’s New’ Tile

Easily learn about additional features for the new Microsoft Band using the ‘What’s New’ Tile. The tile will instantly show up on your band when new updates can be found. Tap the tile to discover new features and functionality.

Stay healthy, get in shape, or simply burn a couple of more calories and stand above christmas and beyond using the new Microsoft Band, available these days for of $249.99* at Microsoft stores, along with other third-party retailers.

* Believed retail cost

Updated December 10, 2015 6:06 am

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Microsoft Band 2 hands-on


MrSiano90: Give me a 950 XL bundle with this band for 800 bucks and Im a Windowsphone user again

Fadhlur Zahri: Looks very good but typing on it no thanks

Zartan: +Fadhlur Zahri Typing works amazingly well. Itis kinda mind blowing how well it works. You have to try it, there are geniuses working on this stiff.

thespicehoarder: +Fadhlur Zahri You don't have to touch each key exactly, it makes a guess on what you typed based on the shape of your word, if that made sense…

Tony14Stark: Smh. Got the first one last month when it was $150.00…. And I got the 1520 a few months ago. What a drag.

Dustin Alexander: +Tony14Stark Sell em online or something

Tony14Stark: True ^ But MAAN that screen! Haha that's all I want. The design still looks so good too

Derrick Ford: Mine is On The Way…Giving My Gen 1 Model To The Wifey!

Shad Kerr: Pre-ordered mine, I've been waiting on this for a while now. Let's hope it's as goods I hope it is.

AthensStyle: beautiful !!!!